3 reasons why happiness at work is the new trend (and is there to stay)

More and more organizations stop measuring job satisfaction and start measuring happiness at work. Employees are looking for organizations who understand and support their own happiness at work. If you want to attract or keep your talented people happiness is where you should start.
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Changing perspective on stress from reorganizations

In 1999 I started giving weekly leadership training to employees and managers from different organizations. If, in a group of 12 participants, one or two participants were working for a company in reorganization it would have been quite remarkable. Nowadays it is the other way around. Organizations not in reorganization are the exception. Our company […]

Why happiness at work is more effective than being satisfied at work

Job satisfaction is a phrase from the past How do you take good care of your employees without losing sight of the results and profitability of the business? To answer this question researchers have been investigating the connection between satisfaction and productivity for ages. Often it is hard to find a correlation. Sometimes you find […]