Training sessions immerse you and your colleagues in the concept of happiness at work so you can apply it directly to your workplace.

The training consists of a consultation process to make clear what the focus of the training will be. Participants also fill in questionnaires which makes clear how your personality and work context relate to happiness at work.

After this participants will receive 2 or 3 days of training into happiness at work to make it an integral part of their day to day job (and life). In between the training days (online) assignments will help intensify and deepen the learning impact.

expert onno hamburger training happiness at work gelukkig werkenImage by mikebaird via flickr

Results of a traning

  • You become more aware of your own thoughts and emotions and the possibility to influence them. You experience the power of happiness at work.
  • Through this experience you become more creative, productive and self-secure. You feel more resilient and better able to cope with change and stress.
  • Happiness at work makes you more effective: it has a positive influence on you, your team and your organization.

What do participants say

  • “I am happier at work now ”
  • “I have the feeling I am working in a team again”
  • “A unique process has started within the team that will have a positive impact on the team, our clients and the organization as a whole”