There are different ways to start working on your own happiness at work. More and more professionals take advantage of 1-to-1 coaching to become happier at work. You can choose between online and offline coaching.

Within 5 to 7 sessions of 90 minutes you will become much clearer on what makes you happy (or unhappy) at work and you will be able to implement new habits that support your happiness at work in a sustainable way.

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How will coaching help you?

  • You will have greater  focus and the possibility to influence your thoughts and emotions – you will experience how it is to flourish at work.
  • The increase in your happiness at work will also positively influence your creativity, productivity and self-confidence. You will feel more resilient and better at coping with change and stress.
  • Happiness at work It doesn’t only feel right, it is also more effective: it works well for yourself, your colleagues and your organization.

Coaching, in practice

A coaching session will start with an interview of about 30 minutes to see if coaching can help you facilitate become happier at work. The interview is free of cost. The sessions that follow will cost 125 Euro per session. You can also do online sessions (via Skype).
Part of the coaching will be to fill in a personality test, read parts of the book Happiness at work and do assignments from the book.

Coaching feedback

What our coaching clients have said:

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