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Semler on Happiness at Work

Utopia or the new way of organising?

semlerWe are in a crisis. No one can deny that! Part financial crisis but also a crisis to reorganize the way we work. The internet and the economic changes it creates is completely changing the way we work and interact. And we have to do more with fewer people. Markets are changing rapidly or are disappearing all together. This generates fear and insecurity. At the same time we need inspiration, innovation and openness towards new ideas to overcome our challenges in a totally different way.

Success from happiness at work

Ricardo Semler has chosen for years now to focus on trust, openness and love within the organizations he runs. He wants his employees to become happy at work. The result of his focus has been enormous success (and wealth). Can we learn something of his ideas and perhaps even implement them in our own organizations?

Within my own organization we do our utmost to implement Semler’s ideas. Sometimes with great results and at other times we are falling back to old principles like checks and control. How does that work in your organization? Is organizing the Semler way possible or do you think this is fantasy land which might work in sunny Brazil but is doomed to fail in the country you live in. I am really curious about what you think about this!

More on Semler

You don’t know Semler or you want to know more about his ideas? Check out Semler on Happiness in this interview on how he organizes his companies:  

Here you can find a link to his book on Amazon:The Seven-Day Weekend: Changing the Way Work Works

This article was originally published in Dutch on on 8 feb 2013

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