By participating in a workshop on happiness at work any group of people can become aware of its possibilities within a a few short hours. Workshops can be run for teams or whole organizations.

The focus of the workshop is to create more awareness on the subject:

What makes me happy at work and what can I do to implement this directly in my work?

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Results of the workshop

  • You become more aware of your own thoughts and emotions and the possibility to influence them. You experience the power of happiness at work.
  • Through this experience you become more creative, productive and self-secure. You feel more resilient and better able to cope with change and stress.
  • Happiness at work makes you more effective: it has a positive influence on you, your team and your organization.

Workshops in practice

The workshops are inspiring, practical and are grounded in the science of positive psychology.

  • Workshops have at least 3 participants and a maximum  of a few hundred.
  • A workshop lasts for at least 1 hour but can also be scheduled for a full day (or even several days).
  • The workshops are interactive and ask for active participation of everyone involved.

What others say about the workshops?

What do participants say after following the workshop?

  • “It improves the way you work, both at work and in your personal life”
  • “Happiness at work is like a virus, once you get infected it spreads throughout the organization”
  • “Believe me, it really works!!”
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